Information Technology ConsultingIntegrateDelivery

The IntegrateDelivery technology group consists of highly skilled IT industry professionals.IntegrateDelivery has provided resources for a wide range of departments within client organizations.Our talent pool database consists of thousands of skilled candidates worldwide, each evaluated vigorously for their technical expertise, soft skills and domain knowledge.

We blend our technology expertise with a combination of highly customized project management practices to deliver the highest quality at a reasonable cost to the customer. We also have in house training initiatives to constantly orient to changing trends and practices of the IT industry.

Armed with a wide range of skills and experience, we provide consulting and staff augmentation services to major Fortune 500 companies. Meticulously analyzing client needs and providing the right resources and consultation on time and under budget allows us to sustain an excellent record of accomplishments with our clients.

Consulting Role
Business and System analysts
J2EE development
Project leads/Managers
.NET, C#, C++, C
Application developers
Weblogic, Websphere, JBOSS
Integration Specialists
Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata
Subject Matter Experts
Informatica, Cognos, Business Objects
Technical Architects
SAP, PeopleSoft
Solution Architects
MS Sharepoint, Lotus Notes

business intelligence

IntegrateDelivery Inc., Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) services provides end-users with a flexible, scalable decision-support environment that meets their changing needs in a timely fashion. Our solutions and services are engineered to increase sales, decrease costs, and deliver tangible benefits to Customers’ end users.


IntegrateDelivery Inc. has helped capture, integrate and analyze business data to improve decision making and provide insight through your organization, department or business unit. Our dedicated team of BI consulting professionals work with Clients to establish underlying BI strategies, build scalable data infrastructures, tackle persistent data quality problems, establish governance models and manage master data.

Through the use of our services, Customers can:
  • Improve decision making by accessing reliable, high-quality data
  • Reduce risks with a complete view of business relationships
  • Respond faster to changing market conditions
  • Lower costs by eliminating development and data management redundancies
  • Enhance productivity by simplifying access to data

With certified consultants having multi-year experience   several projects end-to-end implementation expertise and multiple customers in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, the IntegrateDelivery Inc. represents a pool of diverse technology skill sets including data acquisition, data modelling, meta data repository, data management, data mining and OLAP.

Mobile & Web

IntegrateDelivery Inc., is equipped with a group of expert web designers and developers providing quality web designing services. We take great pride in building long lasting relationships with each of one of our clients. We blend strong communication skills with creativity, stunning design and technical know-how. We have custom mobile application development to cater to the adhoc requirements of our customers.


Our core areas of expertise include Mobile Application Development, Mobility Integration, Enterprise Solutions,Advanced Web Integration and Application Development.

Our BI team takes care of making the need to support dashboards on tablet devices and smartphones that has now become a fact of life in many organizations and helps in finding the proper balance between optimizing the mobile look and feel and delivering the full functionality of dashboards originally designed for PCs.

We also focus on development of innovative games for multiple Platforms: Gaming Frameworks : LibGX,cocos2d,cocos2dx,Corona & UnityCustom online application development


Augmented intelligence

Augmented Intelligence or Intelligence amplification (IA) refers to the effective use of information technology in augmenting human intelligence


AI for Healthcare

The ID Insight Solution is rooted in deep learning – training machines to learn. Computing like a machine but decision making that compares with the best from the brightest minds.Computers can be trained to recognize images, optimize search, compose music, and even beat world class Go grandmasters. Healthcare - however- requires insights that must be accurate because it affects critical decisions that can save lives.

Key Offering List

  • Classification and Aggregation - Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning framework
  • Big Data platforms with AI – Architecture/Design/Implementation Consulting
  • High performance , high computing solutions – 30% to 40% optimized performance
  • Analytics :
    • Predictive
    • Dash boarding /Visualization
    • Trending